Siamese Cat Characteristics

Siamese Cat Characteristics

Siamese Cat Characteristics

You want to own one of these blue-eyed beauties? Well before you dive into the deep end of this majestic cat there are a few things you should know regarding the Siamese Cat Characteristics. Including their personality, individual characteristics, types and grooming needs!


Beauty of a Siamese cat lies in its overall personality with special beauty lying in their eyes, which are blue, a trait normally specific to cats only during their kitten years. They have a slender body, short and shiny coat and light and dark color combinations on their skin. Body coat color is different from that of the color on ears, tail and feet. They are different types of Siamese cats that have been bred over the years but more on that in a minute.

The quote ”beauty with brains” suits these cats completely. These cats are not only beautiful but are also intelligent and inquisitive. Being an intelligent cat is both a blessing and a curse in the cat world, as many of you owners know. Their intelligence makes them eager to learn new skills via training, very playful but also troublemakers as they can learn simple tasks like opening doors and cabinets quite easily. Some like me find this to be one of the best Siamese cat characteristics, others might find it to be a hassle.

Dedication is what they demand the most. They are a dedicated pet and expect the same from their owner. It won’t be wrong in saying that they look at their owner as their parent. They want 100 percent dedication from their parent and affection because they are very affectionate by nature.

This is a cat that was bred as an aristocratic cat! Who would not want a cat that was bred for royalty!


Lets dive deeper into the Siamese cat characteristics that hasn’t been touched on much in their overall personality.

Siamese cats are vocal, very vocal! As in the Siamese is the most vocal cat of all house cats!

So what does that mean as an owner? It means your Siamese friend has lots to say about his day and he/she wants to tell you about it. Some owners will quickly find this to be an annoyance, myself I find talkative cats to be the best. Just be aware of this fact before you go rescuing your new Siamese from the shelter because he is going to have stories for you and we wouldn’t want him to get returned over this. The talking is part of their nature so while I never advocate punishing your cat as it is better to train through positive reinforcement, there is no correcting vocalization in these guys. It is just part of the fun of having a Siamese!

Siamese cats body type is very long and slender with variations of coloration depending on the specific type of Siamese you have. Siamese are partially albino, being that all kittens are born white and do not develop their coloration until they grow up. Over the years a couple of variants has sprouted up, the “modern Siamese” which has the sleek body as mentioned and the “traditional Siamese” which is a bit rounder with more of an apple-shaped head.


There are many coloration variations of Siamese cats that have sprouted up over the years. Because who doesn’t find coloring to be one of their favorite Siamese cat characteristics after all! If you already own a Siamese but are not sure of what kind hopefully this reference will help you distinguish your cat! If you are already in love with a Siamese and now just want to decide which color variation you like the best hopefully these references will help guide you towards the types of Siamese cats that fit you best:

Seal Point Siamese

The darkest of the Siamese cats! They have very dark brown or black points, with their face, ears, tail, paws, and nose all the being the same color. Keep in mind though that kittens will still only look white! So if you are adopting a Siamese during kitten season you could end up with your white kitten becoming this lovely shade into adulthood.

Blue Point Siamese

This Siamese is a variant of the Seal Point Siamese and as such shares that his face, ears, tail, paws and nose all feature the same coloration. The difference with the Seal Point is that their fur color tends to be a blue-ish white fur! This can also come in shades that are grayer than others and as with the Seal Point your kitty friend will get a bit darker shading with age.

Chocolate Point Siamese

When you think Siamese cat characteristics for coloring you are probably thinking Chocolate Point Siamese, think Lady and the Tramp. Most often when sketched or drawn this is the coloration that is seen. They have mostly white fur with chocolate-colored highlights on their face, ears, tail, paws and nose. A very beautiful coloration indeed and one of our favorite ones!

Lilac Point Siamese

The Lilac Point is the palest of the Siamese cats and his tone areas, the same as mentioned with the above breeds, are a greyish coloration. Easily confused with the Blue Point Siamese due to the greyish blue tone the Lilac is a much more light silvery so can be easily distinguished in adulthood.

Red Point Siamese

Also known as a Flame Point Siamese, these cats are easily confused with Tabby counter parts. The nose, paws and eye lids will be a pink color, as with most orange tabby cats. The fur coloration areas such as tail, feet, face will be an orange color. So how can you tell them apart! It’s the eyes! Siamese cats will retain their bright blue kitten eyes as well as having a creamy white coat for the remainder of their fur.

Torte Point Siamese

There are tons’ of variants to the torties as any of the other mentioned coloration’s can come in Torte style. So what is the Torte style? It basically just means that instead of a solid coloration the cat will have patches of the types coloration in the designated areas. These patches make the appearance of a tortoise-shell, thus the nickname Torte.

Lynx Point Siamese

The Lynx Point Siamese is my favorite one. It has a coloration that resembles that of a wild lynx, and though having no wild affiliation, it has a beautiful color. This is the best of both worlds as you get a domesticated wild-looking cat without the added nature that comes with other breeds that have wild genes, like the Bengal and Savannah cat. These guys have striped grey markings across their paws, face and tail and it really creates a very unique beautiful cat with their blue eyes!


Siamese are a very healthy cat, living between 14-20 years on average.

Since they have short and fine coat, they can be easily maintained with weekly combing and bathing, if your cat is into that kind of thing, but not a Siamese cat characteristic I am going to touch on. As we all know our cat friends do a fine job of self grooming but due to the affectionate nature of the Siamese some additional grooming may be in order since it will want to be spending as much time with you as possible. I can recommend this grooming brush, which works well on my Maine Coon so it can easily handle a Siamese.

They are generally low maintenance cats as far as health is concerned and that is always a plus because dealing with a sick cat can be very hard and heartbreaking in some cases.

All in all the Siamese is a great, vocal and loving cat that would be a welcome addition to any home. They got a bad rap from movies like Lady and the Tramp but I can assure you that they do not intentionally plan on framing your dog for crimes around your house. So if you like all these Siamese cat characteristics then a Siamese is the cat for you!

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