Cattify Recommends – PrettyLitter Cat Litter

Cattify Recommends – PrettyLitter Cat Litter

The commonality between all cat owners is cat litter. We all have to have it. And every cat owner is constantly on the quest for the best cat litter, and so was I for a long time. But now I can finally write a recommendation that we fully support here at Cattify.

After much consideration, and trying tons of cat litters, I can fully recommend Pretty Litter as the best cat litter. For me, it’s the perfect cat litter for both price and quality. It has everything you could ever want out of a cat litter. Pretty Litter controls odors, one bag lasts a long time, it can detect medical issues in your cat, and it is very easy to clean! I’ve been happy with it since my first bag arrived and highly recommend it!

The most important takeaway from this review, in my opinion, is to trust when I say that this litter can last. It seemed far fetched when I got my first bag and Pretty Litter claiming it would last a month. My initial thought was “they are aware I have six cats, right?” Well I have been astounded by how well this litter has lasted. If you follow the directions, not only is it easy to clean but it truly does last. Which in the long run saves me a ton of money!

Pretty Litter Full Feature Review

* Disclaimer: Pretty Litter is being reviewed against six cats. Which means it is getting a lot heavier use than in a one or two cat household. This is a true multicat litter review! *

So, now that you have the recommendation from all of us here at Cattify! Let’s break down the specific claims of Pretty Litter one-by-one and I will give my honest opinion on each of them.

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter Monitor’s Health

The first set of features, and probably the one that most people buy it for, is the fact that Pretty Litter is a color changing cat litter.

What is a color changing cat litter? A color changing cat litter is a litter that monitors your cat’s health by detecting common health problems that can occur. Common health problems detected by color changing cat litter’s include urinary tract infections, metabolic acidosis, kidney tubular acidosis, bladder inflammation and bladder stones.

This is one feature which I cannot comment on fully. Since I am proud to say, my cats had no health problems to detect.

So, when my cats urinate in their box with Pretty Litter, it is just a standard yellow. I can say however that I have never been more excited to look at cat urine in my life.

Every time one of my cats went to use the litter box, I found myself running over to it afterwards and lifting the lid and checking their pee. Always hoping it wouldn’t be a different color. This feature is pretty cool, and coming over from using a standard clumping litter, I can say it was nice to be able to see that everything was healthy with my cats.

It is a very nice peace of mind knowing that your cat’s urine looks healthy and normal. Weird thing to be excited about but I love my cats so no judging!

Pretty Litter Lasts Longer

Again, let me re-emphasis this was the BOLDEST claim on the bag when I received my first bag of Pretty Litter. My previous litter was a 45 lb. bag of cat litter from Costco, which lasted me about two weeks!

Pretty Litter arrives in a 4 lb. bag, so literally more than 1/20th the amount of cat litter I was using before this. And yet, here I am recommending Pretty Litter because well. It lasts!

The directions for getting set up on Pretty Litter are very simple.

  1. Clean out your previous litter box
  2. Dump the entire 4 lb. contents into the litter box
  3. Scoop the solids daily

That’s it!

Now this might seem glaringly obvious, but you will start noticing the difference between clumping litters and Pretty Litter instantly! And, I feel that is what really makes this last.

In our house, most my cats can rival a race horse when it comes to the amount of urine they produce in one go. And for clumping cat litter this would cause massive clumps of litter. I could potentially lose 1/4 of my litter in a single cleaning of urine. When you would add in everything that got clumped around the solids or that would get stuck in the litter scoop, you were already down a lot of litter after one cleaning.

That is not the case when I clean their litter boxes nightly with Pretty Litter. The solids remove easily, some litter will come with it but not a lot. And with urine, there is no clumping at all. The Pretty Litter absorbs the urine and then I just sift it around with the clean litter in the box.

So, after a months’ worth of cleanings I still have a lot of litter left. By this point most of it is fairly saturated with cat pee but it is also time to replace the full contents of the litter box with the next bag of Pretty Litter when it arrives.

All in all, Pretty Litter does stand the multicat test in my house. Pretty Litter survived a month of constant assault, maintained a large quantity of litter in the box and most importantly…the next feature, IT IS ODORLESS!

Pretty Litter Odor Control

My cat’s have the smelliest poop and pee on the planet. No litter has ever been able to fully control the ammonia stink or feces smell, and I had tried them all. Then along came Pretty Litter.

Pretty Litter is deceptively good at controlling urine and feces odor.

My previous cat litter was scented. And going from that, which still failed to control odor fully, to an odorless clear litter had me with a TON of doubts.

But Pretty Litter was nothing short of amazing on odor control. Finally, a litter has managed to control the amount of stink output by my six cats!

Some key notes I would like to make on this point though is that I followed the directions strictly! I made sure to scoop my litter box nightly and sifted around the urine for good measure. I am not sure how Pretty Litter would hold up if I waited a week to scoop the solid waste. But in a six-cat household, I get probably a weeks’ worth of feces per day anyhow.

Another point I will make on this is that my cats are all terrible at burying their poop. So, even with half buried poop Pretty Litter still was odor free! Which is just the way I like my litter boxes.

After a month has gone by, you have scooped your waste nightly, and now have a litter box full of urine crystals. It is time to replace the old litter. And that leads us to our next point… Pretty Litter is very easy to clean up!

Pretty Litter Easy Clean Up

This may be slightly partial to me coming from a clumping litter, which I am sure most of us are. And every cat owner that has cleaned clumping or clay cat litter knows that it turns to this dark grey mud which sticks to everything.

I would spend a good fifteen minutes scraping the side of the litter boxes with a spackle tool in order to remove caked on clay litter mixed with urine. Gross!

Well those days are gone thanks to Pretty Litter.

Open up the trash bag. Dump the litter box upside down.

Your box will be spotless! No more litter stuck to the sides. No more scraping clay or clumping cat litter off the box. No more litter mud.

I give my litter box a quick once over with an anti-bacterial wipe since it did have urine crystals in it. And that’s it!

I don’t have much else to say about how easy it is to clean up this litter at the end of each month. Only that I wish I had found this years ago. It would have saved me a ton of time and a lot of disgusting encounters with clay urine litter stuck all over my litter box.

Pretty Litter Saves on Vet Bills

According to research online the average veterinary care costs per year for cat owners fell around $200-$500. With sudden medical expenses in the thousands!

From my personal experience, Cairo had an emergency vet appointment one day after we adopted him. This totaled in at $890 for the check up, and the medication. And we did all the care at home! It was going to be $2000 a night if he had to stay at the hospital.

One of my FIP cats, whom I have unfortunately had tow, had totaled over $4000 in vet care for an uncurable disease.

My point is vet costs add up fast! And if this has taught me anything about cats, it is that the best care is preventative care.

And what an easy way to do your own at home health checks than by doing something you are doing anyhow, cleaning your litter box.

Now I am not saying to avoid standard check-ups or vaccines. But a lot of medical issues are far cheaper if you can catch them earlier, instead of when they progress.

It is now very nice for me to clean my cat box, not see any blue, green or red colors; and know that my cat’s overall health is good! And, if I did see one of these, I would be able to go to the vet and at least have some information to lead them in the right direction for testing!

So, while I haven’t had to use this feature yet, and hope I never do, I love that Pretty Litter provides it!

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter Shipped to You

How many of us have had an instance of running out of cat litter? Running to the store the store late at night hoping they have a brand you like.

I have been there, hopefully I am not alone on this one!

But whatever the case it is very nice to never have to worry about this again!

Pretty Litter is the litter that comes to you! Once a month, instead of you going out to buy cat litter, you get a fresh bag delivered to your doorstop!

Anything that you can automate in your life just makes everything easier. And when it comes to something as essential as cat litter, it is very nice to not have to think about “how low am I on cat litter?”.

Pretty Litter Pros and Cons

Now that the features have been detailed out with my honest opinions of each one, lets do a quick recap!

Pretty Litter Pros

  • Amazing Odor Control
  • One bag lasted a full month in a six-cat household!
  • Monitors your cat’s health by changing color when they urinate
  • Can save you money with early diagnosis of medical issues
  • Shipped to your door

Pretty Litter Cons

  • Some users other people I talked to had issues with it tracking. But I saw no tracking issues with a litter mat in place.

Pretty Litter Review Conclusion

To wrap up, I have tried a lot of cat litter over the years. I thought choosing one cat litter to recommend to our audience at Cattify was going to be difficult honestly, since there are so many cat litters and most of them are so similar.

But at the end of the day Pretty Litter is the clear winner by a large margin. Everything Pretty Litter brings to the table made this an easy decision.

I hope that you try out Pretty Litter and I hope you love it as much as we all do here at Cattify!