Cat Pheromone Diffusers: A complete buyers guide to a stress-free cat!

Every cat is going to get stressed at some point in their lives. Maybe you are moving to a new home or perhaps you got a new pet?

No matter the reason, stress can cause your cat to misbehave in a variety of ways, from crying to peeing all over your house. Either way, we do not want a stressed-out cat! We want our pets to be happy and healthy.

In times of stress it is frequently recommended to get cat pheromones, which can be administered in a variety of ways: sprays, collars and diffusers being the most common.

Well after much trial and error I am confident to recommend the best cat pheromone solution for you to have a stress-free cat!

The Cat Pheromone Diffuser – Personal Recommendation!

As mentioned, I have tried every form of pheromone product there is to help my cats in times of stress. I have one product that has come through for me every time and I still use it to this day whenever a situation arises that I feel could stress out my cats. The only product that I recommend for cat stress, that is used in my house right now, is the Feliway Plug-in Diffuser (available on Amazon).

I use the Feliway Plug-in diffuser for a variety of reasons:

  • Easy to use – Screw the vial into the diffuser and plug it into any electrical socket
  • Works continuously once plugged in
  • Each diffuser lasts a full month (generally enough time to adapt to stressful situations)
  • One diffuser will cover 700 sq ft. So, a few of these will cover majority of home.
  • Works fast! I generally see results of this within the first day!
  • Veterinary recommended, has clinical proof!

When compared to other delivery systems for pheromones to decrease stress there is little comparison.

Plug-in Diffuser vs Pheromone Collars

This was my original attempt at stress reducing products, the pheromone collar! I even bought the one produced by this same company (Feliway). And don’t get me wrong it does work…for that cat.

The pheromone collars though come with a few set backs which I was not a fan of.

First off, they come in these pouches. And when you open the pouch they are soaking in this white waxy, powdery substance, which is also all over the collar. I am guessing this is the pheromones. But, this stuff gets everywhere!

It will be all over your floor and all over your cats’ fur.

Next, the collar worked well for the cat that was wearing it. It curbed his bad behaviors and mellowed him out. But, if you are a multi cat household as I am this was only fixing one cat. The cat he was being introduced to in this case was still a stress case.

So, while the collar might be adequate for an individual cat travelling, if you don’t mind the powder. It is not good in any situation where more than one cat is involved.

The plug-in diffuser is far superior here since there is zero mess and it works on all cats, pretty much instantly!

Plug-in diffusers vs pheromone sprays

Next, I tried the pheromone spray. It was a cheaper solution than the diffuser so why not!

Well this was a waste of money!

I hardly think this did much at all. You must spray it in the problem areas and even then, you have to reapply it fairly regularly (every 4-5 hours).

This is intended to stop problem stress. So individual spots of marking on the carpet or scratching furniture. But what really happens is you stop one area and the cat moves elsewhere. On top of that you are spraying every 4 hours. I personally have to go to work, so that isn’t really an option for me.

The plug-in diffuser just destroys this option. Don’t waste your money on sprays!

Common Questions on Diffusers I get asked:

Do pheromone diffusers work for cats? Yes! These diffusers are spreading the same soothing pheromones that is emitted by a cat when it rubs its cheeks on the side of objects in your house. This signals to the cat that this is a safe place and he doesn’t need to worry. Cats receive this same pheromone when nursing as well when they are kittens. They pheromone diffusers tend to work in as little as 24 hours in a 700 sq ft area.

Can you smell cat pheromone diffusers? No! The pheromone plug in diffusers are 100% odor-less. These diffusers have no effect on humans what so ever and can only be detected by your cat. It is perfectly safe and scent free to have plugged in around your home.

How long does it take Feliway to work? Feliway works in as little as 24 hours for all my cats. If you are aware of an upcoming stressful situation you will get the best results if you plug in the diffusers 48 hours before the event. This way you can ensure that your cats are fully calm and adapted to the diffuser before the stressful event occurs to get the best results!