How to get a kitten to stop chewing cords?

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How to get a kitten to stop chewing cords?

Everyone loves kittens! They are cute, fun, and will chew threw every electrical cord they can fit their tiny mouths around! After losing a few cell phone chargers I had to find a way to keep my kittens from chewing electrical cords!

So, how to get a kitten to stop chewing cords? The best way is to wrap your cords in rubber cord protectors or thread them through PVC tubbing. The rubber, or sometimes plastic, cord protectors will make it, so your kittens are unable to damage the cord if they chew on it. PVC is a great solution as well to stop a kitten from chewing cords since it makes the cords inaccessible.

While these are the two best immediate solutions to getting a kitten to stop chewing cords. There are other things you can try.

And being that kittens are determined to play and explore it may take some of these creative options to make sure that you are not having to replace your phone charger every time your kitten decides to chew through it.

Kittens Chewing Through Cords? – The Best Solution

I have had quite a few kittens.

Both as individuals.

And as a group of brothers!

As adorable and fun as they all were in this stage, they are also very destructive.

And the price of wires adds up pretty fast! At first I thought to myself; “Oh well…its just a $10 phone charger. Whats the big deal?”

Well after four phone chargers you start seeing that the costs of replacing wires is going to start to add up.

So, I started doing a lot of testing for solutions to prevent my kittens from chewing cords. Not only because I didn’t want to keep replacing them. But also, because I was genuinely scared that one of them was going to get electrocuted.

So, why do cats chew on wires?

Cats chew on wires due to a variety of reasons. And for each of the reasons listed below I needed to make sure that none of these were the cause of kittens chewing on my wires.


Cats love to play! This is doubly so for kittens! And when a cat gets bored, they will look for ways to entertain themselves.

Take that same bored cat and put him around a stack of wires and you have a recipe for disaster! Think of electrical cords as the modern-day yarn for cats.

So, in order to ensure that your kittens do not chew on wires you need to have enriching toys for them to keep their attention. And you really have a lot to chose from in this area, even if you are not available to play with them as frequently as your cats would like.

In fact, there are entire sections of cat toys now dedicated to being enrichment toys. Generally, these are the cat toys that have a ball on a track.

There is also this very simple, yet highly affective, cat toy which we got for our kittens. It utilizes existing cat treats or toys so it really keeps your cost down over buying expensive motorized toys that you will need to replace batteries on.

And guess what happens when the batteries run out and you aren’t there to replace them? Your cat is bored again and chews through all your wires!

So, keep it simple but fun!

Dental Issues – i.e. teething

Ah teething, the adorable point in my kitten’s life where they chew on everything! This is going to happen to your kitten. So be ready for it!

This is nothing to stress out about though. There are a large variety of cat toys that you can provide to your kitten which encourage beneficial chewing and teething and will divert them from chewing on things they shouldn’t be.


Kittens are curious! They are exploring life for the first time.

When you bring them into a new room, everything is a toy to them. And a dangling wire is going to look very tempting…

“oh, look how it sways when I smack it…”

So, make your kittens life a little bit easier and kitten proof their room, or home.

Little things like removing free dangling wires or plugging thin wires to places that are out of reach is going to take that extra curiosity temptation off their mind.

This is also going to save you some money as well, since it is one less cord for your cats to chew on.

So now that I had answered the “why do cats chew on wires” question I needed to move onto testing the solution!

How to get a kitten to stop chewing cords?

Citrus Method – DOES NOT WORK

My first attempt to get my kittens to stop chewing cords worked for about one day.

This is the “citrus method”, as you will see it referred to online.

It is claimed if your rub a citrus taste or smell on cords that it will deter your kitten from wanting to chew on it. Theory being, cats don’t like the taste or smell of citrus.

And I think this worked for about one day.

My cats still tried to chew that wire. And I can’t say they had a disgusted look on their face when they did it. Nor did they seem highly deterred from doing it again.

I re-applied the solution, in my case it was apple cider vinegar, to the wires a couple times. One day I came home, and it had been chewed through enough to where it did not work anymore.

So, did it work as a solution? Not well enough. Obviously, I had to go replace the electrical cord!

Additionally, if this were to work you are constantly going to have to be re-applying this citrus onto every wire in your house. Which is not a fun chore to add to your schedule.

NOTE: There are some websites online which are saying to coat your wires in VAPOR RUB! DO NOT DO THIS! It is toxic to cats, especially kittens!

So, with that failure under my belt I tried my next solution.

Remove the wires – WORKS FOR A WHILE

Huzzah! A very obvious fix. For kittens at least.

This worked great in my house up until everyone was about one year old.

Once my three boys turned a year old, I had a new problem. Three one-year old kittens that were now able to access every table in my house.

It was only a few weeks from them being able to access the previously inaccessible wires before I started finding wires that had been chewed through by my cats.

So, while this solution works great for a bit, it is not a good long-term solution once your kittens become cats.


Next, I moved onto a solution that I had originally purchased for cable management, wire wraps.

You can find these at almost any electronics store, as they are frequently sold to organize wires or make them more aesthetically pleasing.

They are long plastic or rubber containers which you thread your existing wires through. They provide a nice barrier so if your cat does chew on the protective case it is not enough to penetrate the casing and break your electrical cords.

And if you are a DIY kind of person you can do this same thing with standard PVC piping! Although I personally feel official cable wraps do look a lot better.

This solution is perfect for solving your cats chewing on cables and making your cable management a lot better at the same time! A true win-win.

Additional Solution for Cats Chewing on Cell Phone Cord

This one is pretty specific, but it worked well so was worth mentioning.

For my cell phone cord specifically, I was able to replace that cord with a Kevlar rope wire. These wires are meant to withstand a bit of damage without breaking.

And in the case of my cats chewing through them, they succeeded!

You can pick up one of these wires for relatively cheap as well. So, if your situation is specific to your cats chewing on your cell phone cable then go ahead and try out one of these as a quick fix!

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