Choosing between a Purebred and a Mixed Breed

Once the decision to share your life and home with a cat has been made, the next important call to be taken is the kind of cat that you wish to own. There are over 70 cat breeds in the world and each breed has its own set of characteristics. Based on the breed, cats can be categorized as purebred or mixed (also referred to as domestic or moggie). While there is no such thing called as the right choice of cat breed, a few facts about each category can help in making a more informed decision.

What is a purebred cat?

A purebred cat comes from a lineage of cats that have propagated life only by mating with cats of the same breed. Purebred cats are of single specific type and can be associated with a definitive set of physical features and behavioral patterns. For a cat to be termed as purebred, the cat’s pedigree must be certified and approved by the registry.

Pros and cons of owning a purebred cat


  • While adopting a purebred cat, you have a clear insight about its family, siblings, temperament and genetics. In other words, the personality and looks of a purebred is highly predictable.
  • Cat owners can perform a research about that particular cat breed and learn the various nuance of handling the cat efficiently.
  • Any family-related medical complications are known at an earlier stage and treatments can be administered in a better manner.


  • Purebreds are more expensive than mixed breeds.
  • Some exquisite breeds of cat may be hard to source.
  • Certain breeds of cat may be subjected to genetic disorders and these conditions continue to persist through multiple generations (research indicates that purebreds tend to have more health problems than the mixed breed).

What is a mixed breed cat?

Domestic cats or mixed breeds come from an unknown origin. Their ancestors may belong to different cat breeds and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Pros and cons of owning a mixed breed


  • Less expensive category of cats.
  • Most shelter cats are domestic breeds and therefore adopting them can be a noble act.
  • Most mixed breeds of cats come in interesting shapes and colors. Cat lovers can enjoy a whole plethora of skin patterns, colors, ear shapes, and eye colors and so on in domestic cats.
  • The diversity in the gene pool, allows the stock to be hale and healthy.


  • Understanding the behavioral patterns of a mixed breed can be complex.
  • Pet owners must be extra cautious while dealing with the health and other medical conditions of the animal as their medical background is unknown.

So, which type of cat is the best choice for a pet lover? Well, there is no definitive answer to this question as both types of cast can offer great fun and entertainment. The choice of a cat type depends upon the lifestyle of the owner and his personal preference about the various physical features of a cat.

Here are some cat care tips for pet lovers

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