How Do Cats Show You Love?

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How Do Cats Show You Love?

Although my cat can’t speak, she’s always finding ways to reach out to me. Whether she’s pawing at me because she seeks attention or she’s purring because she’s hungry, she lets me know what’s really on her mind. But how can I know when my cat is showing me love? I carried out some research online and this is what I found.

So, how do cats show you love? Cats show you love in a variety of ways, including staying close to you, blinking at you, twitching their tail, rolling over, grooming you, rubbing your check, head-butting you, gifting you their dead prey, following you, purring, etc.

Cats make their affection known in many subtle ways, and even though they’re more naturally reserved, it doesn’t mean that their bond is any weaker. Learn more about how cats show humans love with this list of our best feline gestures. It’ll leave you buzzing like the cat that got the cream!

How Cats Show Affection to Humans

You may notice that your kitten likes to stroll around when you’re home. She might simply wander from one room to the next, or chill out in a different area of the house. You may take this as a sign that your cat is bored and doesn’t care whether she’s all alone, or with you in the house.

However, you couldn’t be more wrong. Kitties are more inclined to explore and connect with their surroundings when they’re comfortable and relaxed around a person. So if your cat is constantly on the move in your presence, this is a subtle sign of love. She’s sending the message that she feels more at home in your presence.

Grooming You

Surprised? Don’t be. Kittens don’t only groom themselves or other kittens they’re comfortable with. If you cat lovingly licks your ear or hair, rest assured that you’re already in her heart. Grooming is arguably the clearest sign of trust and friendship you can get from your feline companion.

Love Bites

Biting is usually something we don’t welcome, but felines are a bit different. When your kitty playfully nibbles you, she’s really showing her affection. This is very different from a defensive or fearful bite that’s malicious, and the emotions behind it are also different. Love bites are a funny, ticklish little oddity of adorable cats.

Rubbing Themselves against Your Legs

If your cat can’t seem to give your legs some breathing space, that’s probably a sign of real affection. Cats show affection by rubbing against another living organism. If your feline companion rubs herself against your leg, she’s putting her scent on you to claim you as her own. This is quite like the head bunting behavior.

It’s vital for your bond and relationship with your kitten to let her rub herself against you.

Bringing You Gifts

Your cat may bring you their kill as a gift…..even though it’s something you won’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Cats are instinctive hunters, so by bringing these presents, your cat is showing you what she can offer you. See it as a sign of love, even if the idea of touching a dead rodent or bird makes you feel sick.

Blinking at You Slowly

Sometimes your cat may blink at you slowly when you make eye contact with her. You should feel flattered that your cat you is giving you cute cat kisses. On a serious note, cat kisses are the slow blinks and they’re her way of showing that she likes hanging out with you.

The good news is that you can return the favor by also slowly blinking at her. Oh, and, give her a real kiss on the top of her furry little head (and a nice scratch under her chin!).

Cat Sounds

Cat sounds like chirps, purrs, chirrs, meows, and trills often communicate trust and endearment. While mother cats reassure their kittens through chortles and chirrs, these lovely sounds of cat love are often meant for people whom felines feel especially close to. Endearing feelings are also communicated through other sounds such as special mews and meows—some are louder, while others are sweet and kitten-like.

Purring may also be a sign that your cat is feeling safe, secure and at ease around you. She may show you affection through purring, especially when she mixes it with cat kisses and other animated signals like touching you with their tail or paw.

Kneading Your Legs

When your cat gently digs her paws into a soft surface like your lap, this is one of the most obvious ways to tell you that she loves you.

While you’re petting your kitty, she may be kneading your lap in exchange. The bad news is that this can a little painful as the happier she is, the harder she’ll dig in with her paws. You can make things easier by placing a soft, thick barrier between her and your lap.

Cheek Rubs

If your cat trusts and feels safe with you, she’ll greet you by rubbing her cheeks against you. This sign of cat love is also an invitation to socialize. Along with showing their favorite persons trust and love, cats show ownership through cheek rubs and mix their scents with people they’re close to.

Head-Butts/Head Bunting

Your kitten also shows you affection through head bunting or head-butts. Through this behavior, she also marks ownership of you and mingles her smell with yours.  What a way to kill two birds with one stone!

Tail Love

The tail may actually be a great gauge of how your feline pal feels about you. Cats express warm feelings and happiness by subtly quivering their tails while fluffing out the base. At the same time, they keep their tails up in the air with the tip slightly curved. This action is known as the “happy tail dance” and it means that your kitten is pleased to see you.

If your cat sits close to you and rests her tail on you, it shows she’s very comfortable with you. It might seem like a small gesture, but it’s a huge sign of affection.

Scratching Your Things

If you get home and find that your precious record collection or couch has been destroyed by your kitten, what first comes into your mind perhaps isn’t, “Wow, my kitty must really be into me.” But scratching your stuff may mean that your cat actually loves you. By scratching stuff, cats leave scented and visual marks on an object to show ownership.

Playing with You

If you think that all cats naturally play with people, you’re dead wrong. If a cat isn’t into you, she won’t give a fig about the great toys you bring home. If she’s feeling like playing with you, that means she’s got affectionate feelings towards you.

Showing You Their Belly

When a child rolls on the floor around you, they might be throwing a tantrum. When you kitty does similar, though, she’s simply expressing her delight at seeing you. And if she shows you her belly in the process, that means she trusts you completely, as it’s a particularly vulnerable part of her body.

It’s also one way of saying, “I trust you”, since she feels comfortable and safe around you. This signal can be the friendliest compliment your cat can give you.

Spending Time with You

If your cat likes you, she’ll try to hang out with you whenever she can. For instance, she might sleep near you or on your lap.

Likewise, if she sits near you or on your lap, it’s not because she wants to inconvenience you. It’s because she loves you and likes being near you.

Following You

Do you find it weird that your cat likes to follow you anywhere you go, even into the bathroom? Well, this means she just wants to be near you all the time. A kitten that feels comfortable around you and enjoys your company will follow you everywhere you go and not leave your side.

She simply wants to say, “I like your company.” If you’re doing some work around the home and your furry company won’t let you do it peacefully, she’s just showing you that she’s your world and you need to show her attention now.

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