Caring Tips For Sick Cats and Sick Cats Care Tips At Home

These days when human friendships are hard to be found, people tend to find friendships in the animal kingdom. One such friendship is feline friendship. Though, they are moody and sometimes termed as snobs and aloof characters, cats can be good companion and a great addition to your family.

However, any pet can fall sick and who does not love a hale and hearty pet. Sometimes, the situation is not worse as it seems. Your pet cat might be just be down and thus, showering undivided attention on them, pampering, and providing comfort to it, might make its condition better. But, if you see no improvement in its condition, then the chances are it is sick and needs proper medical care and attention.

First and foremost, you have to diagnose whether your cat is sick or just feeling under the weather. Following points can lead to correct diagnosis of the cat’s erratic and sudden behavioural changes.

  • The first and most common sign is if your cat is hiding and refuses to leave its hiding place. When cats are sick they tend to hide their illness and also hide themselves.
  • Decrease or increase in appetite and/or increase or decrease in defecation and urination can be another diagnosis sign of your cat’s illness.
  • Vomiting and regurgitation of food can be the reason of food poisoning of blockage in digestive tract.
  • Coughing, diarrhoea, constipation, either accompanying together or individually can lead to the bad health of the pet cat.

If you observe any or all of the symptoms in your cat, then the chances are your cat is sick and it would be better to seek medical attention at the earliest to lessen the time of illness. If sick, the cat should not be left to roam around in open and should be kept inside with the litter tray. Leaving it open can lead to aggravation of illness. Since you and your cat are completely belong to different species and are biologically different, never ever give your cat human medications, it can be a poison for your pet.

Always pay heed and great amount of attention to the veterinarian’s diagnosis and instructions to care for your sick cat.

Below are the few tips which might help you in nursing your sick cat:

  • The pet should be kept in quiet and private space where it can heal itself without any interference but still you can easily keep an eye on it.
  • Follow a proper routine for medications as any lapse in administration of medication can prolong the healing of your pet.
  • Feed your cat on regular intervals and ask your vet for ideal temperature of the feed.
  • It is understandable that you might get anxious or tensed due to illness of your pet. However, be calm and patient while tending the ailing cat because if it senses your anxiety, it might get anxious themselves.
  • Always follow routine check-ups and follow- ups with the vet to ensure fast recovery of the cat. Skipping any appointment can turn fatal for your cat.
  • Keep a close eye on your cat for any signs of discomfort or behavioural changes. It might be the case of medication failure or symptom of the existing illness.

Caring for a sick cat is not an easy task and requires your full time attention but with proper medical care and attention it is not a rocket science. Seek for your vet’s help and closely follow all the instructions and in no time your pet will be hale and hearty.

Sick Cats Care Tips

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