Best Toys for Kittens

Kittens make excellent household companions, and raising them can be an extremely fulfilling experience. However, it’s important to remember that any baby animal needs special attention and care to grow strong and healthy.

In this article, we’ll discuss four excellent kitten toys and how they can be a significant investment for the care you provide for your kitten. In addition, the toys listed are intended to be an ideal choice for a specific nuance in providing exercise for your kitten.

Why Toys Are Important

Mental and physical exercise is essential for any growing kitten, and cat toys are a great way to provide a cat with both. Kittens and fully grown cats become active in short bursts, usually lasting around 20 minutes. It’s good to interact with your cat during these times to help them exercise and increase their enthusiasm; plus, this can be just as fun. In addition, It’s good to remember that most cats become active at the beginning and end of every day.

Cat toys provide the best way to play a role in your cat’s physical activity because using your hands directly may cause them to associate them with a toy which will subsequently lead to a lot of biting and scratching on your hands. Furthermore, suppose your cat is always kept indoors. In that case, exercise and activity are even more vital for the soundness of their health mentally and physically.  

Best Overall Kitten Toy

AUOON Cat Scratcher Toy is a fantastic all-in-one choice for any kitten owner. This kitten toy simultaneously serves as a scratching pad, interactive ball, and mouse spring toy, providing your cat with multifaceted exercise and activity. 

Firstly, this toy offers a nice place for your cat to scratch with its paws instead of on your furniture with its durable and replaceable scratch pad. Around the circumference of the scratch pad is a track with a small ball inserted into it so that your cat can bat it around with their paws without knocking loose. Finally, at the edge of the scratchpad, a mouse toy is attached to a small spring poll, allowing your cat to swat at it at their leisure.

This toy is excellent for capturing your cat’s attention to increase their enthusiasm for physical activity. In addition, the toy’s scratch pad helps to facilitate proper scratching habits for your cat. This toy will help your kitten develop agility, stamina, and skill.

Best Interactive Kitten Toy

UPSKY Cat Toy is an excellent pick for kitten owners looking to provide their pets with an interactive toy. This toy features a 3-layered stack of circular tracks with plastic balls rolling around; as a result, your. Your cat can entertain themselves for hours on their own, lowering the risk of boredom and a depressed pet if you’re out of the house often.

The toy is fitted with a non-slip base and durable plastic to withstand the onslaught of even the most proactive kitties. The toy is meant to stimulate a cat’s instincts to aid in developing their sensitivity and will provide them with adequate amounts of activity.

Since this toy features multiple layers of colorful balls that can be batted around, it makes it an excellent choice for pet owners with multiple cats, as this toy can easily entertain more than one cat at a time.

Best Feather Wand
Anyone who owned a cat has likely held a feather wand at some point to entertain their household companion. The best feather wand for kittens is the MeoHui Feather Wand.

The MeoHui feather wand is fantastic because it comes with nine interchangeable toys, each with a unique look. The pole of the rod mirrors the design of a telescopic fishing pole and is quite flexible and durable.

Feather wands are great for getting your cat to run, jump, and pounce around with great enthusiasm. Many cats love ‘chasing’ and find the feather lures irresistible as they swing around in front of them.

However, be mindful when using a feather wand so that your cat doesn’t become entangled in the string of the feather wand. Furthermore, if your cat likes to bite the lure, make sure not to be too rough with tugging on the lure, as it may damage your cat’s teeth. 

Best Variety Pack Kitten Toy

For cat owners looking to buy a variety of toys in bulk, look no further than this
AILUKI 31-piece Variety Set. Suppose you own multiple cats or want to provide as much entertainment to one cat as possible. In that case, this variety set is excellent for you. The variety set includes a cat tunnel, a feather wand and toy, fluffy mouse toys, crinkle balls, a catnip fish, chewing sticks, and multiple rolling balls.  

Your cat will be hard-pressed to run out of things to play with this variety set as it offers many forms of entertainment. However, many toys in this variety pack should not be left alone with your kitten while they’re unsupervised, as this could harm the kitten. Overall, this is an excellent pick if you’re unsure of your cat’s preference in toys and want to narrow it down. 

What To Look for When Buying Kitten Toys

There are many vital features to look out for when purchasing a new toy for your kitten. Firstly, ensure that the toy is durable; kittens can be rowdy and get stronger as they grow. Once the toy’s durability is assessed, you should ensure that there are no small pieces that could be easily broken off, as your cat may swallow them. 


Kittens are genuinely remarkable, and raising one is an unforgettable experience. Kitten toys can help you and the kitten grow closer together. It also aids the kitten in its development by providing vast amounts of exercise and stimuli.

All cat owners, especially those who keep their cats indoors most of the time, need to be mindful of their cat’s physical and mental health at all times.

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