Best Dust-Free Cat Litter

Finding cat litter that effectively absorbs odors without tracking dust all over the house is essential.

I tested four different cat litter and found that overall, World’s Best Cat Litter was the best dust-free cat litter on the market.

Not only does it produce less dust than other litter, but it keeps odors to a minimum. As long as you keep on top of cleaning the litter box, you may forget it’s there.

But it’s not the only option. I’ll talk you through my research process and advise you on what to look for when choosing a dust-free cat litter.

Product Reviews

Sometimes it can be challenging to find a suitable cat litter for odor. Here, we will determine what our cat litter options are best suited for, their features and benefits, and more.

Product Details



World’s Best Cat Litter – Best Overall

Arm & Hammer Cloud Control – Best Clay Dust Free Litter

Fresh Step Advanced Cat Litter – Best Scented Dust Free Cat Litter

Boxiecat Air Lightweight Cat Litter – Best Plant-Based Dust-Free Cat Litter

Product No.1 (Best Litter Overall) : World’s Best Cat Litter  

World’s Best Cat Litter is aptly named. It’s a corn-based litter with large granules that helps keep litter in the box.  

Because it’s corn-based, this is also one of the safest litters for cats. And the large granules help trap odors and minimize unpleasant smells. That’s ideal for multi-cat households where you need one litter box per cat and one extra.  

Typically, that means more litterbox dust for your cat to distribute liberally throughout your house. But World’s Best Cat Litter is one of the best dust-free cat litter precisely because it doesn’t generate dust. Even cats who are enthusiastic diggers step out of the box with clean paws.  

Another benefit is that this litter is flushable. Instead of bagging the litter and making the trip to the garbage, you can flush it safely down the toilet without damaging the septic tank.  

Product No.2 (Best for Plant Based litters) : WORLD’S BEST CAT LITTER Multiple Cat Unscented, 32-Pounds

Arm & Hammer is well-known for its line of odor-reducing cat litter-related products.

Their Cloud Control Premium cat litter for multi-cat households is another of the best dust-free cat litter.

It’s a clay-based litter, but unlike many clay-based cat litters, it forms large clumps that prevent your cats from tracking litter through the house.

In addition to being odor-reducing, Cloud Control Premium has a light scent. That makes it ideal for owners trying to mask the smell of cat litter without being overpowered by lavender or similar scents.

Arm & Hammer uses a complex blend of scents to mask nascent odors but also to kill dander while you’re scooping. That helps you breathe easier, even as it refreshes the air.

However, not all cats respond positively to scented litter, and some customers found the formula used by Arm & Hammer overwhelming when mixed with the usual litterbox smells.

Product No.3 (Best Scented Dust Free Cat Litter) : Fresh Step Advanced Cat Litter  

Fresh Step Advanced Cat Litter is the best scented dust-free cat litter on the market.

It uses a grain-based scent to trap powerful odors. To help keep litterbox smells to a minimum, it also uses a blend of activated charcoal and ammonia blockers to neutralize the litter, ensuring it smells fresh for longer.

These scents activate when your cat paws the litter so enthusiastic litterbox digging can be advantageous.

Crucially, Fresh Step Advanced cat litter is 99.9% dust free. That ensures your floors stay clean and that any odors associated with the litterbox that escape Fresh Step’s odor control stay in the litterbox.

However, some customers found that while the litter was dust-free once poured, the act of pouring generated a cloud of dust that caused sneezing in humans and animals.

Product No.4 (Best Plant-Based Dust-Free Cat Litter) : Boxiecat Air Lightweight Cat Litter 

You may have concerns about clay-based cat litter or want more eco-friendly litter. Whatever you are looking for, Boxiecat is another of the best dust-free cat litter.

It is plant-based but still clumps effectively and immediately on contact. It’s also lighter than clay, which makes judging how much litter is enough easier than with other litters.

It produces a mild scent that cats won’t find it intrusive but effective enough to trap odors and stop your home from smelling like a litterbox. That’s particularly important for apartment-dwellers.

Additionally, it’s a dust-free cat litter. The lightweight nature of the litter prevents the cat from tracking it through the house. And the plant-based design saves you from encountering clouds of dust as you pour the litter out.

However, some customers found it didn’t clump effectively and was unsuitable for cats that buried their feces.

Buying Guide

So, those are some of the best dust-free cat litter available. But what should you look for when buying new litter?

Clumping or Non-Clumping

Many cat owners prefer clumping litter because that makes it easier to clean. However, especially when dealing with kittens, you should avoid clumping litter.  

Curious kittens may ingest the litter, and if it clumps internally, it can cause blockages. 


Some litters generate dust. This can cause breathing difficulties for pets and owners. It becomes especially problematic if your cat can track the litter through the house.

Looking for dust-free litter helps prevent all these problems.


Another consideration is what material the cat litter contains. The majority are clay-based. However, increasing concerns about the risks of bentonite toxicity to cats have caused people to look for alternatives, like:

  • Grain-based litter
  • Silicon-based litter

Many cats use clay litter without adverse side effects. And many cat owners have different but similar concerns about silicon since they sometimes use silica gel.

Ultimately, no litter can be all things to all people, and what you decide to use is a matter of taste.


There is a variety of effective, dust-free cat litter on the market.

Based on my research, I consider the best one to be World’s Best Cat Litter.

It effectively neutralizes cat odors, generates almost no dust, and clumps immediately.  

Additionally, it’s easy to clean, and provided you keep on top of cleaning the litterbox, the smells associated with it are negligible.  

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