Best Catnip

Catnip affects approximately 70-80% of cats.

It’s notoriously effective at turning cats from staid, dignified demi-gods into wall-climbing, rambunctious felines as off-the-wall as any of the Beatles’ more experimental tracks.  

But not all catnip is equally effective. Nor are all cats equally affected by catnip. That said, it’s an excellent way to get your moggie to play.  

With that in mind, we researched the best catnip for cats. We investigated why and how it works and what makes some brands better than others. 

Our favorite was Cat Crack Catnip, but it’s not the only excellent catnip out there.

4 Best Cat Nips for Your Cat

Here are the best catnips for you to choose from, including our favorite overall, our favorite organic brand, our favorite spray, and our favorite catnip treats.

Product Details



Cat Crack Catnip, Premium Blend

Petbox Catbuzz Premium Catnip

Smokey's Stash Catnip Spray

Shameless Pets Catnip Treats

Product No.1 (Best Overall) : Cat Crack Catnip, Premium Blend

Cat Crack’s premium blend catnip uses freshly harvested catnip. That guarantees a higher potency than other brands and has the potential to attract even catnip-indifferent felines.

It’s also made without preservatives or additives, which improves the overall quality, though it might affect how long an open jar lasts.

That said, even a little Cat Crack Catnip goes a long way. You can sprinkle it on the floor or in kongs and watch your aloof cat revert to rambunctious kittenhood in seconds.

There are several sizes. The Gallon option is ideal for cats already crazy for catnip. But if you want a smaller sample to experiment with, the one-cup unit is perfect.

Product No.2 (Best Organic Catnip) : Petbox Catbuzz Premium Catnip

Petbox Catbuzz Premium Catnip is another of the best catnip options. Like other blends on this list, it uses premium ingredients harvested at the peak of the season.

Unlike other catnips discussed, this one is organic. So not only does it lack the preservatives of different brands, but it’s also GMO-free and comes in an equally organic cotton pouch for storage.

Additionally, the catnip is hand-picked and grown in America. The mixture uses a combination of leaves, flowers, and stems for an increased potency your cat will love.

Product No.3 (Best Catnip Spray) : Smokey’s Stash Catnip Spray

All cat owners are familiar with ‘new toy syndrome.’ You buy your cat the latest in catnip mice; They play with the mice for ten minutes, and if you’re lucky, they return to play later in the day. But after that, your cat loses interest. Until, inevitably, you buy more catnip mice.

One way around this is catnip spray. It reinvigorates old toys and encourages your cat to resume playing with them.

Smokey’s stash Catnip spray is the best catnip spray available. It’s sold with a tin of fresh catnip that you can sprinkle on, around, or inside old toys. But you can also use the spray to get your cat’s attention.

It’s an organic catnip that’s GMO-free. We appreciate that it doesn’t just re-energize old toys; It gets bored cats playing again.

And if you want to curb inappropriate scratching, spraying some of Smokey’s Stash on the neglected scratching post is an excellent way to get your cat away from abused furniture and back where it should be.

It’s important to remember that because Smokey’s Stash is a spray, it initially leaves toys slightly damp. That’s normal. Your cat may not want to play with their newly-sprayed toys until they dry. So leave time for the spray to air-dry before gauging your cat’s reaction to this catnip.

Product No.4 (Best Catnip Treats) : Shameless Pets Catnip Treats

Shameless Pets Catnip Treats are some of the best catnip treats on the market. In addition to their catnip flavor, they promote better digestive health for your cat.

The treats include a combination of sweet potato, probiotics, and real chicken to create a balanced, nutritious treat for your cat.

Despite this, they are low-calorie treats and perfect for cats with delicate stomachs.

Even cats that don’t respond to catnip can still enjoy the benefits of these treats. But they are less likely to derive the same energy-high from them as their catnip-loving contemporaries.

Buying Guide

That’s a list of the best catnip selections on offer. But what should you know about catnip before committing to buying it?


Potency is an integral part of catnip. The stronger it is, the crazier your cat goes for it. However, not all catnips are equal in strength. So, if your cat is finicky about catnip or you want to revitalize an old toy, investigating the strength of the catnip is important.

Long Lasting

There’s no sense in buying fresh catnip if it only lasts a day or two once the jar is open. Ideally, you need something you can periodically refill kongs with and keep your cat engaged for weeks, if not months.
Otherwise, restocking on catnip becomes expensive fast. Always check the fine print of a jar of fresh catnip to find out how long it keeps its potency once open.

arts of the Plant

Some cats love catnip so much that they ingest it. It’s not harmful, but it’s not ideal if the brand you choose is full of stem stalks. When that happens, the stems pose choking hazards, just as sticks are problematic for dogs.

The best way to avoid that is to pay close attention to what’s in your catnip mixture. If your moggie eats catnip, prioritize brands that fill their catnip mixes with leaves, flowers, and buds. Avoid anything with sticks.


What constitutes the best catnip for your cat can be highly subjective. Brands many cats love may leave other cats unmoved.

Cats are nothing, after all, if not infamously contrary. 

Of the catnips we investigated, we consider the best to be Cat Crack Catnip. It doesn’t use preservatives, comes in several sizes, and is picked at the height of catnip season for a strength and quality of catnip no cat can resist

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