Best Cat Brush For Shedding

As a cat owner, you’re probably used to finding cat hair all over your clothes, furniture, and home. While dealing with cat hair is something that comes with owning a cat, using a brush for shedding can reduce the amount of hair you’re finding and leave your sanity still intact.

I tested several products to find the best cat brush for shedding. As someone who utilizes cat brushes, I’ve learned a thing or two over the years about what makes a product suitable or not.

The best cat brush for shedding is the Aumuca Cat Brush. This brush is affordable, has safe bristles, and is easy to clean. While this is the best cat brush, a few others are worth your consideration. Keep reading to learn more about the best car brushes for shedding.

The Four Best Cat Brushes For Shedding

Look no further if you’re on the hunt for the best car brushes for shedding. Here are the four best cat brushes for shedding that money can buy.

Product Details



Aumuca Cat Brush for Shedding - Best Overall

Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush - Best for Shedding and Dematting

eMMiuss Cat Brush - Best for Easy Cleaning

Pet Pull Professional Grooming Kit - Best Combo Pack for Shedding Cats

Product No.1 (Aumuca Cat Brush for Shedding – Best Overall) :  Aumuca Cat Brush.

The best overall cat brush for shedding is the Aumuca Cat Brush. There are several reasons why this brush is the best overall. One of them is that you can use it on short and long hair cats, which not all brushes are suitable for. It has a button that easily releases all the hair for disposal. This professional cat brush works wonders on cats who shed a lot. It helps gently remove excess fur so it doesn’t land all over your home. The wire bristles come with plastic bulbs at the tips, so they don’t hurt your cat. They actually massage your cat’s skin which can make brushing a positive experience for them.

Product No.2 (Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush – Best for Shedding and Dematting ) : Maxpower Planet grooming brush 

If you have a cat that not only sheds but struggles with mats, then the Maxpower Planet grooming brush is the best one for the job. The rake brush is ideal for cats with thick coats who easily mat. 

The brush has gentle bristles that still detangle the fur without hurting your cat. You can use it on dogs with thick coats too. The non-slip handle makes brushing easier than ever, and the dual sides are perfect for deshedding and thinning, and the other is good for dealing with mats.

Product No.3 (eMMiuss Cat Brush – Best for Easy Cleaning) : eMMiuss Cat Brush

Many cat brushes come with an easy button to help you clean the hair out, but the eMMiuss Cat Brush is the best option for easy cleaning. The handle is rubber which helps ensure you don’t accidentally slip and pull too tight on the cat’s fur. 

This oval cat brush comes with wire bristles with rounded tips for better deshedding without hurting your cat’s delicate skin. The best part about this brush is how easy it is to clean. There’s a large button on the back of the brush that, when you press it, releases all the fur in one motion into your trash can.

Product No.4 (Pet Pull Professional Grooming Kit – Best Combo Pack for Shedding Cats ) : Pet Pull Professional Grooming Kit 

The Pet Pull Professional Grooming Kit is the best option for those looking for a combo pack of grooming tools for your cat or another animal. The kit comes with a slicker brush, deshedding brush, and brush gloves which can be beneficial to get your cat used to brushing.

The slicker brush is self-cleaning with a button that allows you to remove hair quickly. The best part about this grooming kit is that you can use it on various animals and fur types. The gloves are easy to remove hair from and help with deshedding, but they could be better for mats.

Buying Guide

When choosing a great brush that works for cats that shed, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before making your final decision.

Ease of Cleaning

You’ll need to clean your cat’s brush when you finish using it, and one that’s easy to clean will make your life easier. Many brushes come with a button that releases the hair, which makes cleaning up a breeze.

Bristle Type

Certain bristle types are better for different fur types. If your cat has fine hair, using a brush with bristles meant for curly coats could be a negative experience for them and vice versa. You want to choose a brush that matches the hair type of your cat.


Lastly, you’ll want to think about the price. If you have a specific amount of money you’re comfortable spending on a brush for your cat, consider only brushes within that price range. However, a nice brush is worth the investment for you and your cat, so if it seems to meet all your needs but is out of your price range, it’s worth considering purchasing it.


Many cats shed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to make things easier on yourself. There are dozens of brushes that are great for cats that shed, but you can’t go wrong with our overall pick, the Amuca Cat Brush for Shedding.

It has amazing features like skin-friendly bristles and a cleaning button, and it will help you deshed your cat in minutes without them having a negative experience. You can purchase the best cat brush for shedding directly through Amazon.

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