Best Cat Beds

Cats are professional sleepers. For many cats, their mission is to be as cozy as possible for as long as possible.

But cats are also notoriously contrary and prone to shunning the beds people buy them. Partly because cats have different tastes. Some like the security of a cave-style bed, while others prefer the openness of a mattress-type bed.

We researched many different beds, assessing them for comfort, support, and style.

Our favorite was the Bodisent Modern Soft Plush cat bed. It’s a comfortable, rounded bed that strives to keep your cat warm in winter.

But it’s not the only excellent option. Here are some of the other best cat beds for you to consider.

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Best Overall: Bodisent Modern Soft Cat Bed

Best Cat Bed Cave: Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Bed

Best Traditional Cat Bed: Love’s Cabin Round Doughnut Cat Bed

Best Cat Tunnel Bed: Kitty City Tunnel Bed 

Product No.1 (Best Overall) : Bodisent Modern Soft Cat Bed

The Bodisent Modern Soft Cat Bed is one of the best cat beds available because it combines comfort with support.

It uses a combination of recycled polyester fiber and faux fleece to create a comfortable doughnut shape hat helps your cat conserve warmth and feel protected.

It’s exposed enough that your cat won’t feel surrounded but has high enough walls to create a womb-like effect that soothes anxious cats.

The bed uses a water-resistant material and has a non-skid bottom. Additionally, the cover can be removed and machine-washed without issue. But it should be machine-dried to keep the cover from matting.

Product No.2 (Best Cat Bed Cave) : Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Bed 

The Meowfia Premium Felt cat bed is one of the best cat beds for pets that prefer a cave-like environment.

It’s big enough for a cat to stand up and turn around, but it’s also enclosed, giving your cat an increased sense of security.

The felt is sturdy enough that your cat can use it as a surface perch for surveying their territory or for sleeping on top of in warmer weather.

It comes in various styles and colors to suit your tastes. It’s also available in several sizes and can comfortably accommodate multiple cats ranging from petite, kitten-sized cats to Maine Coons.

However, machine washing isn’t recommended. Instead, you need to vacuum and spot-clean with a damp cloth to keep the cat bed looking good.

Product No.3 (Best Traditional Cat Bed) : Love’s Cabin Round Doughnut Cat Bed  

The Love’s Cabin cat bed is another of the best cat beds available. It has a traditional doughnut shape, with a cutaway entrance to reduce climbing. That makes it ideal for arthritic or senior cats.

There’s a cozy fleece lining for extra feline comfort. But there is also an easy-to-wash suede exterior fabric that is functional and attractive.

Wash the bed by removing the cover and throwing it in the laundry machine on a cold setting. Afterward, you can tumble dry it at low heat.

The Love Cabin also comes in several colors, allowing you to choose the option that suits your tastes.

Product No.4 (Best Cat Tunnel Bed) : Kitty City Tunnel Bed 

In addition to being one of the best cat beds, Kitty City’s Cat Tunnel Bed doubles as a tunnel.

It’s ideal for playful cats that love a tunnel but live with space-saving humans. When unzipped, the bed becomes a full-length tunnel. Zipped up, it operates as a well-padded bed with a flannel-type cushion.

When zipped into a bed, the tunnel entrances remain accessible, though navigating the tunnel may be tricky. It’s a wonderful way for multiple cats to play and sleep together.

However, since it doubles as a tunnel, the walls don’t offer neck support. Additionally, many customers found that rambunctious cats could damage the tunnel with overzealous play.

Buying Guide

Those are some of the best cat beds you can choose from. But what makes a cat bed superior to others? Here’s what to look for.


As cats age, they become less active. There are several reasons that this happens, but one of the most prevalent is that it’s tricky to diagnose conditions like feline arthritis.

Cats are experts at hiding pain, and one way they compensate is by sleeping more and playing less.

That makes a comfortable bed imperative. You need to find a cat bed that alleviates pressure on your cat’s joints and keeps them comfortable and warm. Walls that surround and support your cat are an essential part of that.


Another way to guarantee feline comfort is with padding. It’s hard to judge the thickness of a bed online, so browsing shops can be helpful.

Ideally, you want a thickly padded bed. It doesn’t need to be memory foam quality, but you shouldn’t feel the floor through it, either.


Another thing to look at when choosing cat beds is the washing instructions. Many cat beds look beautiful but are finicky to clean.

Since your cat will use this bed often, you don’t want to lose hours of your life maintaining it. Instead, prioritize beds with removable and machine-washable covers. If they can be tumble dried without shrinking, even better.

Final Thoughts No one is more contrary than a cat. They’re notorious for shunning the beds we buy and sleeping in boxes instead. But with careful research, it’s possible to find a bed your cat will enjoy. Pay attention to where they sleep and work out if they like to den or be exposed while sleeping. No two cats are the same, but we think the best cat bed overall is the Bodisent Modern cat bed. It’s easy to clean, comfortable, and has high, supportive walls to soothe an anxious cat. Try it out, and let us know what you think.

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