Welcome to the world of feline love!

A cat does not want all the world to love her. Only those she has chosen to love. – Helen Thomson

A cat is a truly unique member of the animal kingdom and a fantastic being that holds a special place in most of our lives. Pet owners often call the relationship with their cats as “complicated”. This is indeed the case as cats are unpredictable, vivacious, intelligent, and human-like in more than many ways.

Cattify has been designed exclusively for cat lovers across the world. The team at Cattify has stupendous love for their feline friends and believes that its passion for cat care must be shared with the world. Cattify offers heap loads of information about cats and exclusive cat care tips for doting cat parents.

Our ultimate aim is to make you more conscious about the different characteristics features of your cat and help you naturally fall in love with this wonderful creature!

Go on, explore Cattify! Let the cat cupid strike you!

cat tail

Cat Body Language

January 22, 2016 aria 0

Everyone wants to be able to communicate more with their beloved pets. While we might not be able to talk to our cat in the […]

Cat not using litterbox

Cat not using litter box?

January 21, 2016 aria 0

What is one of the best reasons for having a cat over dogs, that’s right! They are naturally cleaner! Cat’s come potty trained for the […]

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