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Groceries, make-up, clothes, or razors – all tailored to your personal preference and delivered right to your door. Pampering and spoiling has never been easier, so don’t leave your cat out of all the fun. Here are a few options for monthly subscription boxes that your cat will thank you for.


KitNipBox is one of the largest cat subscription boxes on the market. They pledge to provide your pet with high-quality toys and all-natural treats, many being organic and/or grain-free. Their model even allows you to select a no treat/food option if you’re worried about health concerns.

KitNipBox has two plan options:

  1. Happy Cat – $19.99/month

This option comes with 4 or more goodies inside. Ideally, it’s made for households with one cat.

  1. Multi-Cat – $29.99/month

This box comes with 6 or more goodies. It’s the best option for households with two or more cats.

KitNipBox provides examples of items in their past boxes for curious cat owners to check out. Both plan options include free shipping inside the U.S. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

We like KitNipBox because they put in a great effort to ensure customer satisfaction. They have a referral program in place that rewards customers for each new subscriber they refer, earning you and your friend a percentage off your next purchase.


If you’re looking for a socially-responsible brand to support, meowbox is the one. They’ve embraced the mentality that ‘one box can’ make a difference. For every meowbox you buy, they donate a can of food to a shelter cat on your behalf. A unique can code is sent to your email when your meowbox ships. You enter the code on their website to track the status of your can and to see which shelter benefited from your purchase.

meowbox has three plan options and the cost reduces if you choose a longer subscription:

  1. 1 month – $32.95/month
  2. 3 months – $27.95/month
  3. 6 months – $22.95/month

Each plan includes free shipping and can be cancelled at any time. They also have a non-edible option if your cat has dietary restrictions.

We like meowbox because they do something extra-special with the boxes that makes cats freak. They won’t confirm or deny that it is sprayed with a magical kitty potion. They claim cats just learn to recognize the special box and can probably smell that it was made with love.


PurrBoxes is the first monthly cat box based in the U.K., so you won’t get free shipping to the U.S. PurrBox takes a much simpler and cost-effective approach to their monthly mailings. They realize that getting an extra special treat is not only good for your cat, but the added stimulation saves household items from receiving unwanted attention and reduces stress for both of you.

PurrBoxes has one subscription option at £9.95/month, or just over $14. They do offer free delivery in the U.K. Each box contains three or more products and can be cancelled at any time.

We like PurrBoxes because they are the only company we found that markets the box itself as a monthly present for your cat. Let’s be honest, cats would rather jump inside the box before playing with any of the toys. Plus, as an added bonus they include a month’s supply of cat grass inside each box you order.


CatLadyBox isn’t for cats, it’s for the cat lady inside all of us. It’s a monthly subscription box that delivers cat-themed items like jewelry, clothes, décor, or accessories. Plus, they donate 5% of their monthly profits to cat rescues and charities.

CatLadyBox has two plan options.

  1. CatLadyBox – $31.33/month

This option includes 2-3 cat themed items that you won’t find in regular stores. You can enjoy free shipping and cancel your plan at any time.

  1. CRAZY CatLadyBox – $36/month

This box includes everything in the first option, plus at least 2 surprises for your cats. Free shipping and the option to cancel at any time are also included.

We like CatLadyBox because they get their products from independent artists, shops, and websites. Not only is this an effort to support small businesses, but it ensures that customers receive products they can’t get anywhere else. Take a look at what’s been featured in their past boxes to get an idea of the goodies you could receive.

If you ask your cat, you can’t go wrong by ordering any of the boxes above. Many even have the option to give a subscription as a gift, so you can treat your favorite cat or cat lady to something nice. Just remember, your kitty wants the box, not just what’s inside of it.

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