Kitten Bowl 2016

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#KittenBowl: The Third Annual Football Game Featured Big Name Cat-letes

The Panthers weren’t the only cats who played in a big game on Sunday. The third annual #KittenBowl was littered with pawesome action-packed plays and purrfect performances by the top cat-letes. The game aired on the Hallmark Channel just hours before Super Bowl 50, giving sports fanatics everywhere another reason to love football.

Four teams from the Feline Football League fought through the playoffs leading up to Kitten Bowl III. The Last Hope Lions and The North Shore Bengals failed to emerge victorious, leaving the Home & Family Felines and Boomer’s Bobcats to face off in the big game.

Boomer’s Bobcats jumped to a quick lead after winning the coin toss and electing to receive the ball. Their first drive down the field resulted in a 7-0 lead over their opponent. However, Home & Family Felines star player Rob Gron-cat-ski, Tied End, made a hair raising reception and rolled into the end zone to score one for his team. It was a tooth and claw battle after that and whiskers were flaring. Gron-cat-ski found himself in an altercation with teammate Biterback Jason Pierre-Paw leading up to halftime.

As the fierce furballs regrouped their game plan in the locker room, DJ’s Happy Cat and Happy Dog took to the field to prove once and for all that that music brings everyone together. Kitties and puppies danced together on the field for our halftime viewing pleasure.

As the game resumed, Mr. Slippers, defensive tickle for the Bobcats, was all over the ball. However, it seems the poor guy wore himself out as he catnapped on the field as the final seconds of the game ticked away. Gron-cat-ski took advantage of the stalling defense and moved the ball slyly down the twisted whisker touchdown track. He batted the ball into the end zone with one second left on the clock for a come-from-behind victory. The Home & Family Felines beat Boomer’s Bobcats with a score of 46-41. Although his team didn’t win, Mr. Slippers was voted MVK of the game by his fans.

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The most important part of the game isn’t who won or lost, it’s the fact that all 44 kittens that participated in the game found forever homes. All kittens, and even the puppies featured during the halftime show, were available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Rescue and North Shore Animal League. The Kitten Bowl is held in conjunction with Kitten Bowl adoption events at shelters all across the country in an effort to match homeless pets with loving families. At these events, shelters invite the public to attend a Kitten Bowl viewing party where they offer reduced adoption fees and special giveaways. In the end, the families with newly adopted kittens are the real winners.

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