How to stop cats from scratching furniture


Today I would like to discuss a common problem that I frequently see people complaining about. Heck even one of my cats is a direct result of family concerned with this issue, and so they gave him away to us. That simple question is how to stop cats from scratching furniture?

As with most things dealing with our cats there is both a simple and complex solution here. The short answer is you cannot stop cats from scratching furniture. What you can do however is provide your cat with more attractive alternatives that he knows are his own.

It is funny how man products to stop cats from scratching furniture there are. From tape you are placing on your furniture to sprays and even stuff to put on your cats claws! I am here to tell you that none of this is necessary. What is necessary is that you provide your cat with alternatives to your sofa or beds that he knows are his. Lots of people have these issues, yet when you talk with them and ask the simple question of, “Is there a scratching post for him nearby?” The answer is always no and normally people follow up with not liking the “look” of it in their room. Well do you enjoy the look of holes in your couch because that is your other option.

So with that said lets get down to some step by step process you can take to keep your cat from scratching furniture.

Step 1: Buy, or move if you have them, a variety of scratching posts for your cat.

Why do I say a variety? All cats are different and you need to find the type of post that is most appealing to your cat. One of my cats will scratch whatever I provide her, but the two boys are more specific. My Maine Coon likes sisal rope scratching posts, where our tabby cat likes cardboard. Our tabby was attracted to the bottom of our leather couch UNTIL cardboard was introduced near it, after that he hasn’t moved towards our couch once.

Step 2: Place your scratching posts around the house

You are going to place their posts around the house, make sure they have one in every room. Preferably you want to place these as close to your furniture as possible. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, links can be found on the bottom of this page (shameless plug), then you will notice our guys and gal are always on a piece of their furniture for the most part. It’s not just where we happen to capture pictures of them it’s because they have half the furniture in EVERY room of our house. I want them to not only not feel obligated to scratch my furniture but also know that it is their house too.

Step 3: Show cats the posts

On the slim case that they do not instantly pick up on this and go towards it naturally you are going to introduce them to their scratching posts. You can sprinkle some catnip on cardboard posts and with sisal rope I tend to just place my cats feet on it and he gets the hint. Normally however your cat will instantly recognize a change in his environment and be inclined to check it out!


So there you have it! There are no products to stop cats from scratching furniture, no need to waste money on gimmicks or sprays. All you need to understand is your cats behavior and how to turn your home into his as well!