How to potty train a cat

how to toilet train a cat

I am writing this on behalf of my cats as they joined me on my couch last night for an episode of Shark Tank. Much to our surprise the first person that comes out states they have a product for cats, which all cats should have! We all watched with much anticipation, and I was thinking to myself “I can’t wait to see what this is!”

Then we are all smacked in the face by the disappointment of citikitty, a cat toilet. I remember my boy Tigger even looked at my with a “Seriously” look on his face.

I don’t really like to call out specific products in a negative light, especially ones I have not used, but since there are other toilet training products on the market and since this was on national television so I know people saw it and are thinking “I want to know how to potty train a cat”, I am writing this to say STOP.

Your cat does not want to learn to use the toilet, and for lots of good reasons you don’t want to teach him to use the toilet either! So lets break down some of YOUR main reasons you think this is a good idea to buy a citikitty and do some cat toilet training and I will tell you the reasons you should NOT.

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  1. It’s cleaner and I don’t want to deal with litter

Be happy that your cat is using his version of a toilet in the first place. In the wild a cat would be walking from place to place marking his scent along the way. The fact is your cat is already toilet trained, he is trained to use his litter box! So while you think it is cleaner by your cat dropping in the toilet you are actually creating more of a mess because your cat WILL find a new way to mark his territory, and it’s called spraying your bed, couch or whatever else he sees fit.

If you really have that tough of a component to litter there are automatic boxes which will clean themselves, I have one reviewed here (Cat Genie Review) with more to come soon! Even with these though I still have boxes throughout my house because my concern is my cats happiness and sitting my toilet is not one of them!

  1. Its healthier

Your cat does not have a sanitation issue, you do! As long as you scoop your box once a day he will not be wrecking that much havoc to call for concern. Additionally your litter box provides you the opportunity to see if any health issues arise. What if there is blood in his pee or poop? You won’t know if he is using the toilet and these can be big red flags! In addition the toilet posture that cats have to slink into in order to use the toilet is not good for their spine and can cause arthritis related issues later in life. Additionally if your cat is already arthritic or suffers and injury in which he is not comfortable hoping onto a toilet I assure you he will have no problem using your clothes or bed as an alternative location.

  1. Toilet aversion/Creating Territory

Your toilet makes sounds that can cause your cat to be hesitant around it. Additionally you are telling your cat that this is an area that he can mark. Think you won’t smell it? Wrong, cat pee is strong stuff! How strong you might ask? Well neighborhood cats can smell your cats pee through your walls as if they were not even there, that kind of strong. Have more than one cat? Do you need to use the bathroom? Well guess what you are creating a congestion point in your own home. Do you think your cat wants to wait for you to finish using his litter box because you needed to go poop. Ya you probably guessed right! He will have no problem creating a new territory since HIS is being occupied. The more cats you have the more this problem compounds!

So long story short, how to potty train a cat or kitten? DON’T! These people at citikitty and other cat toilet training companies are selling product and looking out for their best interest NOT their cats. Your cat wants to be as natural as he can be. He wants to hunt, kill and mark his territory. Be thankful that he loves you enough to do it in the toilet he has and do not force him to try and use yours!