How much should I feed my cat

how much should i feed my cat

Let’s talk cats and food!

There are so many questions that go into cats and feeding quantities and schedules that I feel this is an ideal article for us to write up today. Let me start off by saying that there is no 100% right answer to some of the below questions, for instance how much should I feed my cat? I will try to elaborate as much as possible on each section to provide as many solutions and reasons as possible but with this being as large of an area as it is I am sure I will do follow up articles here as well!

#1: How much to feed a cat?

As I stated above this CANNOT be a blanket answer. Do you have a cat or a kitten? What breed of cat are we talking about? My tabby cat needs to eat far less than my Maine Coon does, although I am sure he will not agree with this statement. Additionally different foods contain different quantities of calories and nutritional value. The general guideline for cats is roughly 30 calories per pound of body weight per day, kittens often consume about twice this value.

If you are free feeding dry food… then STOP! Cats are not meant to be free feeders at all. It is not in their DNA to have snacks, and this can lead to a lot of behavioral issues. There are lots of other articles on the topic of how much should I feed my cat that will condone portioning out dry food and free feeding it but I will let this video from Jackson Galaxies channel explain the dangers of free feeding.

You may be asking if you are not free feeding then how often to feed your cat? Well if you didn’t watch the video then the answer is about every 5-6 hours. I personally like to feed my cats in the morning before work, right when I get home from work, and then before bedtime. I have three very different cats each with demanding species needs or sizes so their quantity of cat food varies but this general guideline will work for anyone.

#2: What do cats eat?

This may seem like a stupid question, but I get it a lot regardless and the answer is simple.


Your cat is a meat eater plain and simple. The shocking part here is if you flip over the ingredients of your favorite can cat food or cat dry food I think you will be in for a surprise. The vast majority of these products contain mostly grain and by products that are not meat, which is what your kitty needs!

But don’t worry there are a lot of good brands out there that provide grain free cat foods! I am a big fan of instinct cat food for my cats and this product would probably get my vote as the best dry cat food. Frankly if I were to rank the best wet cat food the instinct cat food brand would probably get my vote here as well, for its grain free high protein profile but we will save food rankings for another time as I am an even bigger advocate of getting your cat to a raw diet as it is more like the diet they would eat in the wild.

How much should I feed my cat