Household Hacks to Give Your Cat a Better Life

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Owning a pet can be costly. Between regularly purchasing food, litter, treats, and toys, there is hardly room left in the budget to buy your cat the finer things in life. DIY projects can help ease the burden on your wallet, while also providing amusement for your furry friend. Here are a few household hacks guaranteed to give your cat a better life.




It’s no secret that cats seek out the most comfortable spot in the house. Consider using items you have lying around or inexpensive thrift store finds to make a lounge fit for a feline.


Stepladders make great cat perches because they appeal to cats’ innate nature to climb. The added height also gives cats a feeling of security knowing the family dog can’t reach them. Make ladders cozier by adhering carpet remnants to the surface of each step. For added comfort, prop the ladder up against a window for optimal sunbathing and bird watching.


You can also try rearranging shelves in such a way that your cat can use them to navigate around the room. Similar to the stepladder, offering cats high places to retreat to makes your home feel like their sanctuary. Try hanging the shelves in a stair-step pattern. This ensures that your cat can easily climb to the top and you can maintain aesthetically pleasing décor.


Scratching Posts


Scratching posts are the bane of most cat owners’ existence. Well-made posts tend to be costly and come with no guarantee that your cat will use them. It’s best to just buy a bulk amount of thin rope and experiment by wrapping different objects until you find something that works.


If you purchase cat litter that comes in a plastic bucket, don’t toss it when it’s empty. Wrap the bucket from top to bottom with thin rope, using a hot glue gun to secure the rope as you go.  The bucket not only transforms into a scratching post, but a storage bin for toys or other gizmos.  Plus, it carries the scent of something your cat is already familiar with, which increases the likelihood that they’ll use it.


We’ve all heard of cat trees, but have you thought about trying an actual tree? Small tree trunks or large branches are natural and potentially free alternatives to scratching posts that can easily be blended into your home décor. You can opt to wrap the bottom with thin rope or let your cat enjoy the coarse texture of the bark. Keep in mind; trees brought in from outdoors may require cleaning or sanding before placing them in your home.




Knowing that cats find pleasure in the simplest things, DIY cat toys can be done in a cinch. Just make sure toys are safe for your pet and provide hours of fun.


You know that old sock that lost its mate a few washes back? Give it new life by repurposing it. Stuff a pinch of catnip down into the toe and tie off the top with twine or thread. Leave a bit of string dangling from the top for some extra entertainment. It’s soft, quiet, and guaranteed to get your cat feeling frisky.


If it is exercise that your cat needs, look no further than an empty water bottle. Keep the lid on and cut a few holes just big enough for your cat’s favorite treats to tumble out of the bottle. Fill it with a few treats and watch as your cat bats and wrestles the bottle across the floor.


Creativity is key when is comes to purrfect hacks for your cat. Don’t be afraid to experiment based on your pet’s preferences or behaviors.  If you’re saving money and giving them a better life, you’re definitely doing something right.

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Household Hacks to Give Your Cat a Better Life