Furry balls- Persian Cats

Have you ever fantasized about a favourite soft toy that could, play and cuddle with you? Persian cats are such pets which are not full of feline energy but are calm, have soothing personality and love to cuddle.


Persian cats are known for their even-temper, calmness, mild energy and simplicity. These cats have sudden bursts of energy just like a kitten. They like to settle in your lap and get petted and caressed. They are very affectionate and loving but have a selfish or a discriminating streak in their character. They usually reserve their love and affection for those who Persians can trust. Gaining their trust is the major hurdle to be crossed in order to make them as your pet.
They are known to be non-demanding cats. For example, to attract your attention to themselves, they will not create havoc at your home or will not create a mess in your kitchen. They are serene and with their pleasant and soft mew, let their owner know about their needs such as meals, nap time or easy play time.
Moreover, their size also makes them an ideal pet as they are medium-sized cat, weight ranging from 8-12 pounds.


Nutrition of these cats should be in a controlled fashion. Due to their physical characteristics, such as long coat, big eyes and facial structure, these cats are prone to various health issues. They can face breathing problems due to blockage of nostrils, excessive tearing and other eye infections, fungal infections and skin infections due to unclean coat etc.
Also, these cats require mild exercise to maintain healthy body because of their relaxed and lethargic nature. You have to be very careful and attentive to your cat’s exercise routine.


You love these cats for their beautiful, long flowing fur. But to maintain them, you need to constantly groom them otherwise matting of hair would occur. To maintain their fur in healthy and well-maintained condition, they must be regularly bathed, dried properly, and their fur should be properly combed thereafter, to remove any tangles.
Those big, innocent eyes, which when look at you melt your hear, also need constant cleaning. Their eyes tend to accumulate dirt which in turn leads to build up of crust formation and thus, teary eyes.
One of the major points to keep in mind while tending these cats is to clean their litter box without fail. Litter tends to get stuck in their fur and thus, cats refuse to use their litter box and thus, will not free themselves.
Keep these cats away from loud environment, boisterous kids and animals as they get anxious and get scared which leads to other problems in them.