Elegance at its best-Siamese Cat

In today’s world of science and technology, hybrids can be easily created. If you want to own a cat, but do not want typical cat like behaviour and want it to behave more like a dog, then people will think you are a crazy personality. But you can silence them all by owning a Siamese cat. These blue eyed, elegant cats are famous for being affectionate, good nature, inquisitive, and fun-loving and can be easily trained.


Beauty of a Siamese cat lies in its overall personality with special beauty lying in their eyes. They have a slender body, short and shiny coat and light and dark color combinations on their skin. Body coat color is different than that of the color on ears, tail and feet.

The quote ”beauty with brains” suits these cats completely. These cats are not only beautiful but are also intelligent and inquisitive. They are fun loving and can be easily trained but only according to their will and desire. You can’t train them for everything you want them to do.

Dedication is what they demand the most. They are a dedicated pet and expect the same from their owner. It won’t be wrong in saying that they look at their owner as their parent. They want cent percent dedication from their parent and affection because they are utterly affectionate by nature.


Siamese are very compatible with human and treat them as their own family and therefore, they make a great pet. They are very intelligent and love human interaction and thus, can be trained very easily. They are very energetic and you can easily make them an outdoor pet. Games such as fetch, walking on fence, hide and seek are loved by them. You never have to worry about their glum or moody nature because they are never sad. You will never have a quiet moment at your home if you have Siamese as pet as they are chatterbox. They can talk and interact with you at any time of the day whether you are interested or not.


The first and foremost problem area comes with these cats is that they develop pot belly even after one day of over-eating. While owning Siamese, one should be very particular about their weight gain because of their long, slender and muscular body.

Since they have short and fine coat, they can be easily maintained with weekly combing and bathing. They should be kept very clean and properly cared for as they love to sit and sleep with their owner and thus, can easily transfer germs and infections from other sources to you.

They are generally low maintenance cats as they are not easily affected by illnesses and infections as other cat breeds.

So go ahead and own a Siamese to remove boredom and bring a constant companion in your life.