Cat not using litter box?

Cat not using litterbox

What is one of the best reasons for having a cat over dogs, that’s right! They are naturally cleaner! Cat’s come potty trained for the most part having learned these skills as kittens from their parents.

So what is one to do when you come home only to find that your cat is pooping on the floor, or worse that he is peeing outside litter box. Cat pee is potent stuff as we are all aware!

There are a number of reasons that your feline friend can be exhibiting this behavior so we will cover the top reasons here:


This should be self-explanatory but you would be amazed how many people blame a cat pooping outside of the litter box on behavioral problems when they haven’t taken the time to clean his box in over a week. Cats are very clean animals and as such they do not want to be going in a bathroom that has not been flushed in a week’s period of time. Would you want to use your own bathroom if you had not been able to flush the toilet in over a week? No probably not and Fluffy doesn’t want to either so before all else check your litter box and make sure it is clean!
Not a fan of cleaning the litter box daily? Well there is a whole lot of great products on the market that can make your cleaning process easier! From litter liners that sift out waste to fully automated litter boxes such as Cat Genie, there are plenty of ways to ensure your cleaning process is hassle free and more importantly that you have a happy healthy kitty!


Cat peeing outside litter box?

Well your cat may be trying to give you signs that he is marking his/her territory. This issue can arise from a number of reasons but your cat is trying to tell you in the best way he knows that this is his space. You need to do your best in these situations to find out what has happened or changed that started this behavior.

Is this a new cat to your household?

Well then it is possible that other animals, scents or environmental conditions are causing him to not be able to be the confident cat that he wants to be.

Is your cat Spayed or Neutered?

If your cat is not fixed well then he or she is simply doing what it needs to do to attract or deter other cats from the area. In the case of a female cat she will spray territory to tell tomcats “Hey boys here I am *winky face*”. In the case of a male cat he is telling all other male cats “ Get lost this is my turf, while simultaneously telling the females where they can find them.”

Cats have a very strong sense of smell, about 14 times stronger than humans. The walls of your house are non-existent as far as cats are concerned and feral cats can smell your cat in doors the same as he/she can smell them outside.


While this is very vague there can be a number of health related causes that would cause your kitty to be less inclined to use its litter box. These can range anywhere from an older cat becoming arthritic and having trouble getting in and out of the box to more concerning health problems like FIP, which I have been through personally….twice.

In short always make sure to have your cat checked out if you feel there could be an underlying issue.

We always want our cats to be confident and happy, and your cat not using his box is him telling you that these conditions are not being satisfied. Make sure that your cat always has ample places throughout your house that he can call his own. You would not want all of your furniture confined to one room so why should your cat be any different. Make sure he has cat tree’s, scratching posts, cat shelves or other cat related furniture in multiple places throughout your home to allow him to become comfortable in all areas of your home, and not just feeling the need to be confined to one area. This will help him become more confident and empowered and will ensure that he doesn’t feel the need to mark a specific area as his own, as he now has a whole lot more home to call his!

Cat not using litter box

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